When Ascension Arcade was in the design phase, we wanted to create a token that maximizes growth and continuously accelerates the price of $AAT to new heights. Our tokenomics have been created with a limited supply and no minting function intentionally. On each transaction a portion of the supply will be burnt which creates our deflationary model. Not only that, but we have also included a manual buy back function which will be strategically used to accelerate the price of $AAT.
In order to ensure the continuous growth of both the project and our holder's investments, the token has been designed with some tax implications.
A breakdown of the taxes can be found below..
3% Buy Back
Our buy back function has been designed to reduce price volatility and to continuously raise the floor price of $AAT. Where traditional buy back functions simply send the tokens to a burn address, we will buy back the tokens and join them with 7 different liquidity pairs; BNB, BTC, ETH, BUSD, USDC, USDT, and ADA.
3% Deflationary Burn
3% will be removed from the circulating supply, commonly known as a "burn". Every transaction attracts a burn of tokens, thus decreasing the supply and making the remaining $AAT scarcer and more valuable.
3% Auto Liquidity
Having a large amount of liquidity increases the stability of the coin and reduces the impact of any sells on the chart. Reducing the impact of sells is vital to keeping the chart moving upwards.
3% Game Development
This percentage amidst all transactions will be used to help fund the development of our games.
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Token distribution
Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000
(20%) Initial Game Liquidity (Locked)
(10%) Private Presale
(27%) Pancake Swap Liquidity
(37%) PinkSale
(6%) Seeding Phase